“drawsyourcar” is the pseudonym of me, Aaron Hillsdon; an illustrator based in Perth, Western Australia. Hailing from Hobart on the beautiful island of Tasmania, where I was born in 1980, I nurtured a fascination with cars from early childhood. I learned to identify the logos and badges of many different car marques and began to draw the distinctive shapes of Citroëns, Renaults, Volkswagens and Mercedes Benzes—among others—as soon as I could draw a circle! After many years of prolific output, my car-drawing exploits got put on hold for many years as I worked, got married, started a family and eventually settled down in Perth.

The genesis of the ‘drawsyourcar” name came about in early 2014, on the social news and community website Reddit. There, I created a “novelty account” with the name /u/draws_your_car with the intent of responding to other user’s comments by posting picture comments of my own which would be a small drawing of that user’s car.

This evolved through much positive feedback and many responses into a more personal approach, where I would choose the subject of the drawing myself, rather than focus on responding to other comments (which I still do, from time to time).

With renewed enthusiasm and a reinvigorated “mojo” for drawing cars, i created an account on Instagram with the username @drawsyourcar, which provided both an outlet and a platform for me to share my passion for drawing and cars with other like-minded followers. I still post at least one drawing a day there, and I have now decided to start offering prints of my drawings for sale here.

Please take a moment to browse and enjoy my drawings, leave a message if you wish, or maybe even purchase a print for yourself, or a fellow car enthusiast!

Thanks for visiting, and please enjoy,