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Porsche 924 40th Anniversary poster

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Commemorate the fortieth anniversary of the Porsche 924 with this original and distinctive poster print, in a unique colourful illustrative style.

The 924 story begins in the early 1970s. We start not with Porsche, but with Volkswagen and to a lesser extent, Audi. Their joint project with Porsche—the 914—was in need of replacement, and VW themselves were looking to add a high-end sports car to their lineup. Originally conceived as Project EA425, the new model was to be sold both as a VW/Audi, and as a Porsche to replace the 914. Specialist development would be carried out (as usual, due to a long-standing agreement between the two entities) by Porsche.

At the time, Porsche were developing their own 928 model, and the two projects would share some similarities - not the least of which would be the front-engine/rear transaxle drivetrain configuration.

However, regulatory changes affecting the automotive sector in the wake of the 1973 energy crisis combined with a change of management at VW to put the project on hold. VW would concentrate their efforts on the Golf-based Scirocco instead, and cancelled Project EA425 entirely. Porsche still needed to replace their 914 though, and promptly bought the project back from VW.

As a result, the 924 was eventually released in 1976 and became Porsche’s first front-engined and water-cooled model. Praise was given for its handling, balance, economy and styling. Despite strong disapproval from Porsche traditionalists, the 924 enabled Porsche ownership for a wider market, and significantly boosted Porsche’s finances when the 911 wasn’t able to.

A Turbo model would arrive in 1978, followed by the venerable Carrera GT in 1980. The 924 provided the basis for the almost identical (but larger-engined) 944, which itself would evolve into the 968.

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Printed using archival inks on acid-free 220 gsm poster stock.

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