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Mercedes-Benz W123 poster

Image of Mercedes-Benz W123 poster

A poster combining several illustrations in a unique and colourful style.

The W123 is one of those unique vehicles which manages to effortlessly transcend class and culture barriers. Whether cruising the High Street, or plying the back streets of Cairo as a taxi, the W123 fits in practically anywhere.

A uniquely and distinctively Teutonic vehicle, its engineering and durability have earned it a place among the classics of everyday motoring. The diesels in particular have proven themselves to especially bulletproof, and million-plus mileage is not unheard of!

Following on from the post-war success of the 'Fintail' models, and the immensely successful 'Stroke 8' range, The Mercedes W123 had big shoes to fill. With styling that closely resembled the contemporary W116 S-Class, the W123 entered production as a four-door sedan and elegant two-door pillarless coupé in 1976, with petrol or diesel motors available. A wagon rounded out the range from 1978.

The W123 was incredibly popular. Demand exceeded supply almost immediately, resulting in a black market of used (but immediately available) models commanding a higher price than new examples (which required a wait for up to twelve months).

When production ceased in 1986, nearly 2.7 million units had been built - a record to this day for a single Mercedes series.

It is a testament to its bank-vault build quality and engineering that today, forty years after its launch, W123 Mercs are still to be seen across the globe.

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